"I have always enjoyed my lessons with Ian, the information we get from Trackman is invaluable to my progress as a golfer."
~ Mark T from London


I read your two recent articles in PGAE GolfProNews and thought they were excellent.

Hope business is good - I am sure it is!

Best of luck for the 2016 season."

~ Jeremy Dale Golf Entertainer / PGA Coach

" enjoy using the balance plates (SAM balance lab) as my set-up can get off sometimes, the plates are a great way to help me fix that."

~ Sarah E from Hampton Court

"My handicap has moved from 13 to 12. Came 4th in the competition today. Swinging superbly"

~ I Khan from London

“You lessons have been incredibly helpful and my consistency has improved by hitting the sweet spot more regularly”

~ Peter McGovern

Teaching Philosophy

I think golf is about consistently controlling the ball, and having the ability to hit each shot the proper distance and direction with the required trajectory. This can only be done with a strike from the centre of the clubface and consistent low point to the swing.

Most people who come to me for a golf lesson, want to be more consistent and hit their ball further. Truth is a club golfers good and bad swings look almost exactly the same, so they are already consistent, the problem is the bad shot, a golfer is only as good as their worst shot, so the bigger the difference between that golfers best shot and worst shot makes them feel like they are inconsistent.

So when I look at a golfer I am looking to make their worst shot less bad, better quality rubbish is you like! And most golfers already have enough clubhead speed to hit the ball further than they are already doing, the issue is how that speed is presented to the ball, so I look at making sure that the players ball speed is matching up with the clubspeed, in other words how efficient is that players swing? This I measure with Trackman, K-Vest and BodiTrak, I am data informed not data driven.